Why is atticus so insistent about jem and scout being polite to mrs dubose

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To Kill a Mockingbird Answers

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Boo To Jem And Scout essay example

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How does Atticus advise Jem to react to Mrs. Dubose's taunts? What does Mrs. Dubose say about the children's mother?

How does Jem feel about this? What request does Mrs. Dubose make of Jem? Is this a fair punishment for his “crime”?

To Kill a Mockingbird s11

Explain in your own words what Atticus thinks of insults like “nigger-lover”. To Kill A Mockingbird questions Want to translate this page? HELP. SIGN IN To Kill A Mockingbird questions. To Kill A Mockingbird questions. Atticus Finch - a lawyer and Scout and Jem's father.

Scout - narrator of the story. Jem - Scout's older brother. it is a curiosity to the children because the Radleys are so different from other folks they know. Identify Mrs. Dubose. The second stage of Jem and Scout’s relationship begins when Dill comes for the second summer.

Their relationship somewhat takes a downturn. It is the time of their life, where they start to drift apart. Atticus was insistent that Jem had to be nice to Mrs. Dubose because she was trying to get off her morphine addiction.

He was helping her without his knowledge. He also wanted Jem and Scout to learn what true bravery was. It was not by shooting a rabid dog dead in the eye. Explain why it is a sin to kill a mockingbird, according to Miss Maudie Why is Atticus so insistent about: a.

Jem and Scout being polite to Mrs. Dubose?b. Jem’s reading to Mrs. Dubose? How does the experience at Calpurnia’s church affect Jem and Scout’s perception of Calpurnia?

Why is atticus so insistent about jem and scout being polite to mrs dubose
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